Our Corporate Partners

My Internship Asia is proud to be partnered with Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. Our partnerships extend to 1,700 Chamber member companies, offering you the intern, many choices for your important and exciting internship.

American Chamber of Commerce, Armenian – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Belgian – Luxembourg-Thai Chamber of Commerce ,British Chamber of Commerce, CanCham Thailand, Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Franco – Thai Chamber of Commerce, German – Thai Chamber of Commerce, (Head Office), India – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Irish – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Korean – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Mexican – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands – Thai Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Singapore – Thai Chamber of Commerce, South African – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Swiss – Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce, Thai International Christian Chamber of Commerce (Macedonia), Thai – Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Hong Kong Trade Association, Thai – Israel Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Italian Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Russian Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Thai – Taiwan Business Association, Thai – Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

BCCT British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
CANCHAM Thailand
Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce
Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce
25 Thai Finnish Chamber of Commerce
Thai - Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Thai – Canadian Chamber of Commerce
CanCham Thailand was officially registered in 1991 under the name of Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) after expanding from the Thai-Canadian Business Association which was formed in 1988. Our objectives are to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities for individuals and companies with an interest in commercial relations between Canada and Thailand. We also actively foster the expansion of business links between the two countries, while providing social and business networking opportunities here in Bangkok.

Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce
The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce (DTCC) is a non-political, non-profit orientated legal entity for business people in Thailand who are involved in Thai-Danish business. The DTCC’s purpose is not only to provide Danish-Thai companies with a stronger collective voice towards the Thai authorities, but also to further promote and expand trade between Thailand and Denmark as well as establish a networking forum for the Thai and Danish businessmen living here or traveling here on business. Through Chamber events and media, DanCham acts as a forum where ideas, experiences and knowledge are exchanged, and where members will be exposed to an invaluable network in the region. The DTCC was established on 30 June 1992 as the first Danish Chamber in the South-East Asia region.

Franco – Thai Chamber of Commerce
The French Chamber is today one of the most dynamic European chambers in Thailand with over 315 members and more than 60 events organized every year. Founded in 1966 by French entrepreneurs, the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC) is a non-profit organization affiliated to CCI France International, a strong network of 120 French bilateral Chambers in 90 Countries. The FTCC offers a wide network, allowing entrepreneurs and companies to successfully approach the market and build long lasting trade relationships for efficient and fruitful business development. Whether you are an established business or new to the area, the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce is here to help you succeed.

Thai – Finnish Chamber of Commerce
The Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) is dedicated to promoting cooperation between Finland and Thailand by providing a link between the member organizations. The TFCC has a long tradition in promoting contacts and exchange of information between companies involved with Thai-Finnish trade. The TFCC was initially founded as the Thai-Finnish Trade Association in 1988. The organization expanded due to growing demand into a Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in 1992.

Thai – Swedish Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber was formed in 1989 and after more than 23 years of existence has established itself firmly in the international business community in Thailand. With some 100 Members it has a good foundation for its activities. The Chamber conducts an essential role in the Thai Swedish business and through its membership of the joint foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand it identifies businessmen’s problems and opportunities, seeking support in Thai Government policies to address these issues. This includes interaction with for example the Board of Trade, Thai Customs Department, Immigration and Revenue Departments, Board of Investments etc. giving access to top officials in the Thai administration including the Prime Minister.