Top 3 Thailand’s festivals must visit

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Thailand is filled with rich cultures and they have many fun festivals you’re able to experience. Remember to make one of these festivals in your bucket list.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival (February 1-3)

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival has been celebrated for over 40 years. In this festival, you’re able to enjoy an agricultural fair as well as the display of floral arrangements. The festival will run for 3 days or more at the start of February each year.

Usually, the first day of the festival will be the agricultural fair and the following days involves elegant displays of fabulous follower floats, a fair filled with local works of art, live music as well as the showcase of beautiful decorative plants.

On Saturday of the festival, there will be a large parade that typically takes place from Nawarat bridge to Thapae road, Kotchasarn Road, Changlor Road and then to Arak Road (Nong Buak Haad Public Park).

In the parade, you would be able to see large floats decorated with flowers as well as marching bands, school groups and dancers. The roads will be closed leading up to and during the parade, but there are generally police directing traffic away from the festival.

Songkran (Water festival) April 13-15

If you’re visiting Thailand from April 13-15, do not be surprised that people throw water at you. Songkran is the most famous and most crazy festival in Thailand. It is an important event on the Buddhist calendar, this water festival symbols the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year.

Streets will be packed with people throwing buckets of water, using water guns, and making sure no one is dry since water is the most important element in the Songkran festival. Also, don’t be afraid if local Thai people put the white power on your face, it is a symbol of blessing and wishing you happy New Year.

Chiang Mai is home to one of the country’s biggest Songkran celebrations in the world, the Chiang Mai Songkran Festival. Phuket will also be great to celebrate Songkran, especially in the Patong Beach area.

Remember if you’re attending this festival, remember to buy some waterproof bags for your phone, money, and other valuables.

Loy Krathong (November 13)

As Thai festivals go, Loy Krathong is perhaps the second most recognized and popular after the Songkran festivities. This festival filled with water lanterns on the rivers or lakes, and if you look up to the sky, there will be hundreds of floating lanterns.

While Sukhotai and Chiang Mai are popular to celebrate Loy Krathong. Bangkok is also a great place to celebrate the festival if you’re staying in the city. There are many ponds and other waterways in the city’s public parks, usually become the focal point for friends, lovers and families to launch their krathong – watching the route that a krathong takes is a popular way for couples to predict what the future holds for their relationship. Some of the most popular parks to celebrate include Lumpini Park, Benjasiri and Benjakitti Park.


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